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Services provided are as individual and unique as your facility and its collection!

Learn more about our Virtual Consultation

As an addition to my existing on-site visit-oriented approach, this new product can serve as alternative to my traditionally oriented consultation. I have evolved and grown my Animal Training Consultation services to offer Virtual Off-Site Training!

As always, my services are not a one size fits all, but much can be accomplished through various video conferencing programs! This can include but will not limited to.

  • CE for Staff
  • Current training, enrichment and/or animal welfare program review
  • Observation of training sessions
  • Group meetings/training discussions
  • Review of current training/enrichment or animal welfare documents
  • Observe problem solving sessions

Are you interested in implementing a husbandry training program at your zoo or aquarium?

Programs are designed from the ground up! Your staff will be trained in a mentorship program to apply operant conditioning techniques to the animals that they care for. This type of training will benefit the staff in developing a closer relationship with the animals and allow for visual inspection that is safe for all personnel involved.

Every zoo is unique with staff, exhibit design and goals. My services are designed for your facilities needs. 

All programs are individually designed for your zoo!

My services include

Design and implementation of animal ambassador programs

All quotes include travel expenses, on-going email, and phone consultation as well as training video consultation between site visits. After each site visit, a training report will be provided that summarizes the visit and provides recommendations and direction for management and staff.

With on-going consultation through email, video and telephone consultation (between your site visits) should any questions or concerns arise, immediate assistance will be provided.